Bulk mulch available for delivery

Forest Floor Mulch

Natural Brown Color. Shredded wood and composted leaf mixture. Double ground and aged.

Pricing - $35 Per Cubic Yard

Color Enhanced Mulch

Pricing - $45 Per Cubic Yard


Delivery Options Available

Minimum total for delivery is $150.

Why our mulch is different

Mulching your landscape is one of the best methods of feeding and protecting your trees as well as sequestering carbon in the landscape. However the production and transportation of mulch can have a negative environmental impact.


For decades the majority of the mulch in the B-N area comes from 4 different locations.

  1. Barges up the Mississippi and Illinois River from Missouri to Peoria then Trucked to B-N.
  2. Sawmills in central and southern Indiana and trucked to B-N.
  3. Chicago area Municipal Tree Waste trucked to B-N.
  4. Discarded pallets from local manufacturing operations.

Our mulch is a product of the fallen trees in our community. As a result you can be sure there is no chemically treated lumber from discarded pallets that is commonly used in the industry.


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