Black Mulch

$45/cu yd

rICH dyed color holds all seasons

Made from finely-ground wood fibers, this black mulch offers a sleek appearance with its deep eboney shade, achieved through safe coloring methods. Its lasting color stays vibrant longer than standard mulches, and its gradual breakdown ensures lasting benefits.


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Within first 10 mile radius

  • $50

Additional mileage beyond the initial 10 miles

  • $50 every additional 10 miles

Mulch Special

  • 5+ yards: FREE within 10 miles


Mulch serves various essential functions in gardening, including retaining soil moisture, inhibiting weed growth, maintaining soil temperature, preventing winter frost heaving, and enhancing the visual appeal of garden beds. This organic mulch not only aids in soil structure improvement but also promotes better drainage and increases nutrient retention as it naturally breaks down over time.



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